Finalist Shortlisted


Year  2015  Project Pavilion  Client Fondazione MAXXI  Phase Competition

Collaborators: Giacomo Cantoni, Pietro Pagliaro, Martina Barcelloni Corte, Cecilia Tramontano



Panem et Circenses intends to tackle the theme of production, consumption and disposal of food, starting from the ever closer relations that are today forming between agriculture and the city. Given the forecasted growth of the world urban population increasing to nine billion by 2045 and the constant increase of world agricultural production, it in fact seems inevitable that new and strong alliances are being formed between the rural and the urban environment over vast territorial systems.

Panem et Circenses investigates these alliances spatially under the conviction that, while producing deep conflict, they can represent a surprising potential for the construction of an innovative and radical city project. Imagining agriculture as a park is the objective of the installation.

MAXXIʼs open space, entirely invaded by an extensive rice crop, becomes an experimental field in which urban practices, marked only by the agricultural material, offer the public totally unexpected spatial types.

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