TREE VILLAGE - Jyväskylä, Finland  Europan 13


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Year 2015  Project Multi-family housing and urban strategy   Client Public/private partnership  Phase Competition



We propose a group of 'trees' as a new landmark and gathering point for the area of Kortepohja. A hybrid of urbanism and the Finnish landscape, our project is a link between the natural and the constructed. Our strategy is a loose and flexible repetition of modules that can easily integrate with existing urban fabrics as balanced infill housing providing living, communal and outdoor spaces.

An ongoing process of additions into the interstitial spaces of the neighborhood, the densification and development of plots can easily be subdivided into different phases in strict relation with the use of existing buildings. Each module is a vertical village mixing housing for students, families and seniors with indoor and outdoor services and social spaces. The combination of two housing towers, workspaces, a greenhouse/winter garden and outdoor recreation spaces gather all the aspects of a neighborhood.

The new towers are a functional balance of nature and architecture.  As the wood structured towers grow in height, their tree-like form tapers in order to provide necessary density while also preventing buildings from casting shadows on the surrounding buildings. Tapering also increases sunlight and views for residents and also to the surrounding landscaping between the buildings.

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