LITTLE BIG CABIN - Powder Mountain, Utah, USA


Year  2015  Project Case Study House  Client Private  Phase Competition




We propose a system of three modules all interconnected, each with different dimensions, to resemble the “vernacular house.” This system of shapes is flexible and adaptable to different lots and different slopes. The congregation of these small modules generates a continuous interior space in which each function is visually connected with the exterior landscape in all directions. Diverse spaces, views and relationships are all captured within the continuity of this one space, and the dynamic dimensions of the modules are recognized through the co-occurrence of activity and tranquility.

Using different modules we created a nebulous border between the surrounding landscape and the house, rather than a rigid and defined interior/exterior distinction. This creates a continuous physical and visual flow from the outside to the inside. Entering through the foyer, one proceeds to the central space of the house: the living room. From this room you can access all the other functions (family room, dining, kitchen and breakfast, bedrooms). Each room is located within its own single small ‘house volume’ giving the functions of each room the quality of a single and independent space with cross ventilation and direct visuals to the outside.

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