CULTURALSCAPE - Suncheon ArtPlatform


Year  2016  Project Exhibition Public Space  Client The City of Suncheon  Phase Competition




The Culturalscape gives to the city a green landscape/community park where art and vegetation coexist. We propose an “urban garden” where people can meet and gather together, enjoy the outdoors and at the same time experience local and international art at the art center while interacting with other people during cultural workshops. This new eco/art-system will be a new strategic point for the community and for the city.


The space we propose is a neutral glass volume where we accommodate all the program (art center, visitor

center, education and office facilities) placed on a continuous fluid green landscape respectful of the local biosphere composed of local plants and flower species of the Suncheon Bay Area.


We inserted these programs in a single 2000 m2 space in order to permit its flexible use. Visitors can experience a very flexible space and they can live in it in numerous ways with different perspectives. The clear glass facade separates the interior space from the outside.

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